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I’m ready! Where can I apply my HDB flat?

20 June 2017

You can only apply either BTO or SBF (Sales of Balance Flat) at any one point. Sales of Balance Flats are leftover HDB units from the past BTO launches. It depends on which SBF you are applying; you could expect to get your keys as early as 3-6 months after selecting your unit.

Know your stuff - Find out when are upcoming sales launches

There are tonnes of information on the HDB website. First important thing you need to know is to find out what are the upcoming launches and when can you apply them (which month). We suggest that you should opt in for the SMS notification just to make sure you do not miss out any sales launches.

To find out more on upcoming BTO and SBF sales launches:

HLE Letter - Find out how much loan you can take.

Let's be realistic. You will definitely need a HDB or Bank Loan. So, before you jump in and start applying for your desired flat, you will need to know how much loan you are eligible for. Otherwise, there could be a possibility that you end up paying your flat in cold hard cash. This is where the HDB Loan Eligibility letter come in.

The approval of this HLE letter will take approximately 1-2 weeks. The loan amount will be calculated based on your income level, credit history plus some other unknown factors (we are not sure either). It is strongly advisable to submit your HLE application before applying for your BTO or SBF because at the end of the day, you are required to submit this HLE letter as part of your application.  FYI, the HLE letter is valid for 6 months.

Process of applying for a HLE Letter:

Applying and checking your HLE application status: https://services2.hdb.gov.sg/webapp/BP27AWHLEApplication/BP27SHome

Documents required - Things that you need to prepare (You and your spouse)

  • Latest 3 months payslips
  • CPF contributions - for the past 12 months
  • SingPass to login into “MyHDBPage” (www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/MyHDBPage)
  • $10 online payment. Either using credit or debit card.
  • HLE Letter

It will take about 2 months before HDB announce the result (SBF results will be slightly longer). 

What happen next? - 3 possible outcomes

  1. You get a queue number and it is within the total number of flats offered.
    Congrats! You definitely get to choose a unit!
  2. You get a queue number but it is not within the total number of flats offered.
    You might get a chance to choose a unit but provided the numbers before you dropped out.
  3. You did not get a queue number.
    Well, lady luck is not on your side this time round. Keep a look on the next BTO/SBF launch or you may consider purchasing a resale flat instead.

To find out more on the your application status or find out how many applicants for that particular BTO launch, you may visit the link here:

If you need a full timeline on the process of buying a new flat, you can retrieve from here: http://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/buying-a-flat/new/buying-process/timeline