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How to increase your chances of getting a ballot number?

21 June 2017

(Hacks: To have a higher chance of getting a HDB  ballot number)

Applying for a flat in Singapore is similar to buying a lottery ticket. The more you buy, the higher the odds of winning. But the question is, you can only submit one application during a BTO launch. How would that be possible to increase your chances of getting a ballot number?!

If you are a first-timer, congratulations, you will automatically get 2X chances (meaning one more ticket to enter the lottery!) There are many priority schemes that HDB has introduced to help families to get a flat as soon as they could. But as a first-timer, what are the schemes that are suitable for you and what other options can you consider?

To find out more on the various priority schemes, you may visit the link here:

1. Parenthood Priority

Parenthood Priority Scheme (PPS) 

In the nutshell, get married and have a child. This will increase your probability of getting a ballot number. This scheme does not give you an additional ticket but there are BTO units set aside specific for this group of applicants. In lehmeh terms, there will be lesser applicants competing with you for a unit.​

2. Married Child Priority

Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) 

​This scheme encourages the married children to stay near their parents or vice versa. It has to be within the same estate or within 2km of your new flat. Same as Parenthood Priority Scheme, there are BTO units set aside for this group of applicants too.

3. Non-Matured Estate

Balloting a flat in a non-matured estate​

Generally, there are more BTO projects in the non-matured estate. Amenities (eg, hawker centres, public transportations, mama shops) are not as fully developed compared to matured areas like Bishan and Tampines hence, the demand for BTO is also lesser.

Considering you have to wait for at least 3 years for your flat, the amenities should have improved by then. Lesser competition translates to higher chances of winning. So instead of competing with the others for a unit in a matured estate, you can actually increase your chances of getting a ballot number by applying a BTO in a non-mature estate like, Woodlands or Punggol.

4. Number of Applicants

Monitor the number of applications during the BTO/SBF Launch

Sun Tzu’s Art of War mentioned, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” Ok, not literally.

What we are trying to say here is, if you see that there are many people applying for a particular project, choose another project in order to increase your chances of getting a ballot number.​

In the example below (No. of applications received for May 2017 launches), there are 4.2 first-timers fighting for each 4-room flat in Geylang, Dakota Breeze. Whereas, only 1.1 first-timers competing for each 4-room flat in non-matured estate, Yishun, Forest Spring.

You can only apply for 1 project per BTO / SBF launch so it is important to make your application counts. Discuss with your partner to see whether if there is a second choice that both of you prefer.

Do not be too demoralized if you still did not manage to get a ballot number despite following all the tips that we have provided above. The more you ballot, the more chances (tickets) you get. However, this is only applicable if you are bidding for a BTO in a non-matured estate only.